About Us

Massa Technology's operation defined: performance, support and value.

Massa Technology has been in business since 2002, in that time its reputation as a premiere system integrator has grown exponentially.

Massa Technology’s driving philosophy is to deliver to its customers cutting-edge technology and performance along with rock-solid support. As a validation of Massa Technology’s success the company has retained an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Massa Technology produces some of the fastest gaming computers in the market. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of performance so that its customers will enjoy a gaming experience unmatched by any of Massa Technology’s competitors.

As testament to Massa Technology’s acumen, it has won numerous awards from industry publications like Maximum PC’s “Kick Ass” Award, PC Gamer Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” Award, Anandtech.com’s “Silver Editor’s Choice” Award, PC Perspective's “Gold Award”, and many others.

Massa Technology works with its channel partners to help build strong brand recognition. Massa Technology is always marketing and advertising its preference for only the highest quality parts and products.

Having a quality product, stellar customer service, and a superior reputation has allowed Massa Technology to grow every year since 2002, starting out in a garage to now occupying a 27,000 Sq. ft. facility. Massa Technology’s management and employees are convinced that not even the current economic downturn can derail the company’s growth and increasing market share.

Our Partners

Massa Technology is one of the most innovative and elite gaming computer builders in the industry. Using only the best components, your custom PC build will be assembled by the hands of our expert gaming professionals. You still get all the choices of a DIY assembly but we do all the work building you a gaming desktop or laptop to fit your needs.